Traffic Control Specialties
Course Outline
A full day spent in the classroom covering 8 Units of the
course:  8am - 5pm

1  Roles, Responsibilities & Legislation

2  Preparing for the Shift

3  Job Planning

4  Temporary Traffic Control Devices

5  Work Zones
Day One
8am - 5pm

Theory review

6. Vehicles and Equipmenmt

7.  Communication

Written Exam
(80% mark required to attend Practical Portion)
You must pass the Exam to do the Practical Portio

8. Practical Skills
This portion is outdoors, dress appropriately, steel toed boots
1pm - 4pm approx. (depending on class size)

* Practical Exercise and Competency Demonstration
Controlling a Two-lane, Two-Way Roadway, 50km/h
Controlling Work Zones
with 2 TCP's and 1 TCP Alone, in the same location.

*Return to class for Pictures, Evaluations & Certificates*
Passport Photo (taken in class Day 1)
TCP Temporary certificate
(100% Practical, Min. 80% Written)
Day Two