Traffic Control Specialties
Course Outline
A full day spent in the classroom covering 8 Units of the
course:  8am - 5pm

1  Roles and Responsibilities of TCP's

2  Complying with Regulations and Standards

3  Hazard Identification

4  Personal Protective Equipment

5  Traffic Control Devices

6. Setting up, Maintaining and Removing Work Zones

7. Working Safely Around Equipment

8. Building on Basic Traffic Control Skills

Theory Practice Test Homework
(40 questions)
Passport Photo's Taken
Day One
8am - 5pm

Theory Practice Test review

9. Communication and Positioning

Review of information from Day 1 & 2

Written Exam
(80% mark required to attend Practical Portion)

10. Practical Skills
(outdoors, dress appropriately)
1pm - 4pm approx. (depending on class size)

* Practical Exercise and Competency Demonstration
Controlling a Two-lane, Two-Way Roadway, 50km/h
Controlling Work Zones
with 2 TCP's and 1 TCP Alone, in the same location.

11. Conclusion
Passport Photo (taken in class Day 1)
TCP Temporary certificate
(100% Practical, Min. 80% Written)
Day Two