dba. RoadSafety
Traffic Control Specialties
MJ Safety Inc.
Training Dates  2018

Sept. 27 & 28
( 9 of 14)

October 22&23
(0 of 14)

Price $315.00

October 18&19
(1 of 14)

Price $294.00
Private classes
Competitive group
rates province wide.

Price $315.00
Williams Lake

Sept. 24 & 25
(8 of 14)

October 15&16
(0 of 14)

Price $294.00
We go to you, you don't
have to come to us.
Best rates $$$
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Prices include taxes, manuals and
passport photos for certificate ID

Renewal price is half the normal price!
Certificates can be renwed one year after expiry
(you can not work with an expired certificate)

Class Sizes 2018
(Max. 14 participants, Min. 8)
Confirmed 72 Hrs Prior to the class dates

Certificates are good for 3 yrs
You will receive a temporary certificate upon
completion, until your final picture ID arrives in
the mail  (approx. 6 - 8 weeks)
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October 25&26
(3 of 14)

Price $315.00
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Bella Coola
BCCSA/WCB Certified
Fort St. John
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