MJ Safety Inc.
dba. RoadSafety TCS
You will need to bring:
Day 1
* Lunch & Refreshments  (coffee provided)
Day 2
* Lunch & Refreshments  (coffee provided)
* Outdoor Weather Appropriate Clothing
* CSA approved Safety Footwear

Safety Equipment (PPE) for the road is provided for
each participant (Hard Hat, Vest, Wrist/Ankle Bands)
We will provide:
* Passport Photo for ID

* Pens, Pencils, High lighters

* Hard Hat

* Wrist & Ankle Cuffs

* Safety Vest

* Traffic Paddle
( For Instruction Purposes Only These Are NOT Yours To Keep! )
According to WCB Regulation Employers must provide require Equipment to do
your job effectively and safely. (Vest, Wrist & Ankle Cuffs and Paddles)